Industry Tours

Think its all epic Van Damme splits & Mad Men? Think again. Our tours link students with agencies, start-ups and established firms giving them real world insights and the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

Speaker Events

For those shackled to a desk on campus, we bring the industry to you with KPUMA Inspiring Discussions (#KMAID) . Informal, engaging & entertaining these speakers shed light on current marketing issues/topics of today.


What better way to build a community of students then through PARTIES!…. we mean, uh, “social events”.

Community Outreach

The KPUMA aims to lend a helping hand whenever possible, whether its raising funds for youth homelessness or becoming Movember legends.

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Sound enticing?

Get involved, have fun & make a connection in marketing.

Join the KPUMA!

What people have to say

  • The KMA offers some interesting benefits to BBAMM students. Good events, very motivated officers and a neat way to really push forward in a marketing career.

    Keith Wallace
    Keith Wallace
  • I attended the AIM Luncheon recently at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver. KPU is a partner with AIM (through the KMA) and I received the student entry rate which was great. The luncheon was an event with the purpose to launch AIM's new brand and also discuss social media within business. The event was very beneficial in regards to the information presented by AIM and in regards to the people who attended. I personally met some new contacts that will surely be beneficial to me later down the line. I would recommend this event to other students.

    Daniel Margarit
    Daniel Margarit
  • Well, I've finally attended my first AIM luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel, right across the street from Vancouver City center. For the past year I've been meaning to make an appearance but was always hindered by my lack of knowing the participating attendees. The KMA provided me with the solution. Its executive members generally attend AIM functions and now, acting with Raj as a probationary executive of events, I was invited to attend along side Jayson, and a few other Kwantlen students. Overall the experience provided me with a lot of value and networking opportunities. I met a few people from Ipsos Reid, Urban barn and POF. I encourage all marketing and business students to start becoming involved with the AIM and take advantage of the partnership the KMA/ KPU has instituted with their association. The opportunities for jobs and networking are out there; it’s just that you have to put in the effort to find them. I’m looking forward to the next AIM event in December on Creating the Digitally Engaged City.

    Nevin MacDonald
    Nevin MacDonald
  • I had a great experience as one of the former executives of the KMA. I gained confidence in expressing my ideas during meetings and became comfortable speaking to the public, while promoting the club.

    Gurp Sandhu

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