If even a little bit, becoming a general member of the KPUMA is a great opportunity to explore the concepts of marketing and its application to businesses. The thing with marketing is, everyone can utilize it!

    • Increase your professional network
    • Connect with other students and alumni
    • Access volunteer opportunities with external companies and the KPUMA
    • Nominate and be eligible to run in the election as a KPUMA member candidate for executive roles
    • Vote in the annual Executive Election for the KPUMA President, Vice President, and Director of Finance and Administration
    • Access the KPUMA Marketing Library, a database of articles, resources and information to help you prosper in marketing, business and university

Whether selling yourself as a product to employers or opening up your own business, marketing is an extremely versatile subject that brings together the individual and professional skills of a person to create something extraordinary. We at the KPUMA strive to help you develop those skills through our various events (e.g. KPUMA Speaker Series, Marketing Mixers, industry tours), resources and volunteer opportunities.

Since registration is FREE, why not come enjoy these awesome events and meet some of the most interesting people around? All we ask of you as a member is to attend KPUMA events, vote in the annual election, and tell your friends about the club.

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