Goodbye from the 2016/2017 Executive Team.

As most of you know we recently went through a change in our executive team after our election this October. Although we are excited to see what our new team will accomplish this year, we’re sad to see some of our old members go. Before stepping down, they each wrote up a little message for our membership to read.

Name: Joseph James Watson-Mackay
Position Held: President

The time I’ve spent with the KPUMA has been a major highlight of my university life. The enthusiasm and hard work I have witnessed in the club makes me so grateful to be a part of this community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and play a small part in our efforts to close the gap between KPU students and the marketing and business world. It’s been an honour to lead the club with my fellow executives, and I can’t wait to see what the new leadership of Damanpreet, Bianca and Nancy are capable of. The KPUMA is in great hands, and I am excited to support them all as an alumni of our thriving club.






Name: Crystal Dong
Position Held: Vice President

Crystal Dong, who joined the KPUMA executive team in Fall 2014, contributed to the club’s efforts under various roles. These include First Year Representative (2014/2015), Director of Public Relations (2015/2016), and Vice President (2016/2017). With a newly-formed executive team, she helped the strategic planning behind some of the club’s most popular and well-attended events. These include the Speaker Series: KPU Alumni in Digital Marketing, and the 3rd Annual Marketing Mixer: Networking for the Future – which had a record-attendance. “These last three years have been an incredible growing process and I have been very honored to be a part of the KPUMA Executive Team. It is with great pride I say the KPUMA gave me the growth and team experience that I need in my twenties. I was able to work with many great people during this journey. THANK YOU!”





Name: Willine Kwee
Position Held: Director of Finance & Administration

During my time as the KPUMA’s Director of Finance & Administration, I have seen the KPUMA continue to exceed expectations of faculty and students with our continuous success. The KPUMA has proven to be a valuable part of KPU student life, providing business students and alumni with networking opportunities and professional development. Congratulations to the newly elected executive team! I am excited to see what’s in store for the KPUMA in the near future!





Thanks for reading! We are so thankful for what our leaving members were able to do for the club. Stay tuned to read introductions from our new team.


Damanpreet Garcha
Damanpreet Garcha
Damanpreet started off in the KPUMA in 2014 as a First Year Representative. It has been a pleasure for her to see the KPUMA grow and develop over the year.
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