The KPU Marketing Association (KPUMA) is proud to announce a new role within our club. We’ve been an active club on campus since 2012 and we have decided in order to grow and put on even better events we need more of YOU helping us do so.


What You’ll Do:

  • Participate in all KPUMA training related activities.
  • Assist with tabling during Welcome Week and Orientation.
  • Assist as event support during our clubs monthly including set up, take down, and the run of the show.
  • Participate in planning meetings for events on occasion.
  • Host classroom presentations to promote our events.
  • Assist with promotion of our events.


  • Willingness to travel between both Surrey and Richmond campuses.
  • Ability to commit to a 1 semester term for a minimum of 8 hours.
  • KPU student with valid student number.
  • Willingness to take on new initiatives and passionate about networking.
  • Participate in onboarding training session with a KPUMA executive/ director.


  • We will record your volunteer hours!
  • Opportunity to meet professionals in various industries.
  • Receive first hand experience planning and implementing professional networking events.
  • Opportunity to provide input on the KPUMA’s upcoming initiatives.
  • Opportunity to get promoted to a Director position.
  • Flexible time commitment!
  • You don’t need years of experience to join!

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