We are always looking for passionate and committed students to be part of our growing and ambitious club.

The Kwantlen Polytechnic University Marketing Association (KPUMA) gives real world opportunities to increase interpersonal, management, teamwork and leadership skills. The club organizes events that help link students with the industry, opening doors for future career advancement. These events allow KPUMA executives, directors and members direct access to a pool of industry professionals.

Why apply to be a KPUMA Director?
  • Build confidence in yourself.
  • Learn interpersonal/ teamwork skills that are invaluable to the workplace.
  • Brush up your presentation skills and overcome public speaking.
  • Master the organizational skills need to cope with juggling multiple projects.
  • Execute events, advertising strategies and apply the knowledge learned in the classroom.

Director Positions

  • Director of Public Relations
    • Serve as primary source of information for students
    • Promote the club image to the community
    • Represent the club at monthly KPU Marketing Department Faculty meetings
    • Contribute to designing marketing materials for the club
    • Create strategies to cultivate and enhance relationships with external audience
    • Find external events that KPUMA members can attend
    • Work on social outreach programs for the club
  • Director of Social Media
    • Create original content to promote club activities that opportunities, and support the club’s objectives
    • Contribute to and execute marketing and communications strategies to grow the audience and increase engagement
    • Familiar with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)
    • Maintain the KPUMA social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc)
    • Excellent grammar & punctuation
    • Sufficient social media knowledge to manage this position
  • Director of Events
    • Establish ideas for events that align with the the needs/wants of its members and the club’s objectives 
    • Build contingencies for event planning to cope with delays, obstacles and setbacks
    • Manage and coordinate event duties
    • Facilitate events on and off campus
    • Collaborate with the Kwantlen Student Association, KPU Marketing Faculty, and KPU Support staff to plan, schedule and hold events
    • Communicate regularly with executives, directors, and external stakeholders throughout the planning, running, and debriefing of events
  • Director of Marketing
    • Work closely with the VP of Communications to develop and execute marketing strategies and tactics
    • Manage promotion and advertising projects of the KPUMA, while coordinating with club executives, directors, and departments at KPU
    • Coordinate in designing all marketing materials for KPUMA
    • Lead creative sessions

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